Chinese Medicine


Services Offered

Online TCM diagnosis, herbal medicine, diet therapy, Qi gong, healing sounds meditation, the teaching of certain modalities such as dry skin brushing, scraping, and prescribed self-care regimes.


Practitioner Bio

Monica began as a fitness trainer, then went back to school for massage.  Her hunger for education led her to achieve a diploma in Chinese Medicine.  Monica is currently registered to practice Chinese Medicine by the CTCMA. 


Since her focus and passion has always been in pain management, she continued to complete courses in Acupuncture Injection Therapy and Prolotherapy.  Monica now works with pain management at RiseBC Wellness Centre, blending her unique education, so she can be the most effective possible in helping her patients heal.  


Monica is a professor at the Chinese Medicine school, which keeps her current and actively researching new approaches. 


She would love to work together with you as a team, to help solve your ailments and move forward in health.

More About Monica Ander

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When Monica isn’t working, you can find her in the mountains searching for powder snow on skis, snowmobiling in untouched meadows, barrelling down mountain bike trails at full speed, going for adventure road trips, and dirt biking through remote backcountry terrain . She also enjoys gardening, and hanging out with her 11 year old son and adorable pets.