naturopathic Medicine


Services Offered

Dr. Patrick Callas offers our clients naturopathic consults to determine the best natural remedies (such as herbs, supplements and homeopathics), nutrition and lifestyle modifications to help you reduce your pain and achieve optimal health.


Practitioner Bio

Dr. Callas is a Naturopathic Doctor with a focus on pain management, brain health, healthy ageing, and integrative cancer care. His approach is to find and resolve the underlying causes of pain and "dis-ease." Common underlying causes of pain can include digestive issues; nutrient deficiencies; chronic stress; poor sleep; and toxins, like heavy metals. 


In his own journey he has overcome anxiety; irritable bowl syndrome; a chronic low back injury; and a right hip injury. His healing was ached through managing stress, resolving trauma and reducing inflammation.

More About Dr. Patrick Callas


Patrick loves islands and nature. He grew up on Salt Spring Island, lived in New Zealand, and has been to the Hawaiian islands many times.

Patrick has a passion for sharing his health knowledge. He continues to do so as a clinical supervisor, public speaker, writer and Naturopathic Doctor.

When he's not being a Naturopathic Doctor, he likes getting lost in nature. Movement is his medicine. He hikes, cycles, runs, swims, snowshoes, climbs things and does yoga. Whenever he can do these in the woods or up a mountain, he does. When he became a father, he had to get creative and carry an extra weight out and about, and to the gym.