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Services Offered

Our focus at Rise Above Pain Online is the complete health of our clients living with chronic pain. Our emotional wellness coaching services support the person in pain, as well as their caregivers who are struggling in their caregiving roles. Through emotional wellness and life coaching, we provide emotional support within a holistic model – which encompasses the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects of your life. We will explore how these facets work together to enable you to achieve an improved sense of well-being and better health outcomes overall. 

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Practitioner Bio

Rosana inspires people to thrive by optimizing their self-management, relationships, and life skills. Her goal is to support individuals enhance their health through integrative emotional wellness. 

Rosana also has personal experience with chronic pain. A motor vehicle accident led her on a personal journey through chronic pain, which has ignited her interest in working with chronic pain patients, their caregivers, family and friends. 

Rosana is a Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner. Rosana has held consulting and management positions in private and public companies in the Canada, the US and Europe for over two decades. These roles inspired her passion for the human element in organizations, which led to consulting and coaching work that is centred on human development. 

In addition to her work as an Emotional Wellness Consultant and Coach, Rosana is a published author of “Nona’s Story:  Your Story”, a guided journal for individual self-reflection and legacy purposes.

Personalized coaching is offered by phone or via videoconference

More About Rosana

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I have a blessed life.  Even the motor vehicle accident that changed and impacted my life so profoundly, has been a great blessing because it’s shifted my thinking, and my direction. 

Dealing with my own pain is a daily challenge that I rise to by practicing what I talk about in my sessions.  I still rely on daily rituals that help me cope with my pain and I am always open and ready to try new practices and methods that I can share with clients!