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Emotional Resilience by Rosana Sablic

Managing chronic pain takes emotional resilience. Emotions can either help you or break you. The emotions stemming from physical pain can be overwhelming. This is especially real when you feel utterly broken by pain when you feel that perhaps you are even less of a human being because you don’t feel whole anymore. You might feel tattered and withdrawn, from yourself, from life and from society. You may not believe in yourself anymore. When you feel so devastated, it’s time to change your situation. You need to start somewhere, and that somewhere is with yourself. You need to want to change and get better.

Emotional self-awareness is necessary to better know yourself, calm your emotions and strengthen them so that they work for you and not against you. One way of doing this is to intentionally love yourself even if your body is betraying you. Be with yourself, sit with yourself, understand your emotion and where it’s coming from. Put it in perspective – ask yourself, can you change this emotion? The answer is always, YES YOU CAN!

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