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My Little Box of Comforting Things

People who live in chronic pain understand the importance of living in comfort and being comfortable. This is especially true living through the time of Covid-19. Right now, we’re in isolation, which can be particularly lonely and unsettling. Even more so, it’s so necessary now to be comfortable, because the more comfortable you are, the better you will feel. We understand this at Integrative Emotional Wellness. What does that mean? It means ensuring that you are comfortable and that your surroundings are comforting! So, how can you make yourself comfortable? Start by wearing loose and cozy clothing, inside and when you’re out enjoying the fresh air. Make yourself look good even if it’s just for yourself to see. Maybe make a yummy soup, some other comfort foods or your tried and true favourites. Redecorate your house.Put the artwork that gives you the most pleasure around you—place photos of all the people that you most love around you as well. Wrap yourself in your most beloved blanket as you watch a movie that always makes you smile. Dance to music that enriches your soul. Meditate or pray for what it is you hope for. Find reasons to laugh. Give someone special or your furry friend a hug, or just hug yourself! Hold someone’s hand, create your own comfort bag – nick-nacks that bring you joy – just like small children do, reach out virtually to those you love each and every day…

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